Our process brings clarity to your goals and builds a plan to help achieve them.

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1. Fit meeting - Connecting with you

During our initial meeting we start the conversation by learning about your priorities, financial goals and future objectives. We learn about the investment planning you've done in the past and what strategies are currently in place. As part of our initial meeting we will also introduce our team, our approach to helping you manage your wealth and our disciplined process.

After this meeting we each take time to review our meeting and decide whether it makes sense for us to work together.
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2. Planning - Organizing your financial future

We're committed to helping you understand where you are today, where you want to go, and what will help you get there. Our broad-based planning approach allows us to define and coordinate all of the specific strategies that make up your entire plan including investments, retirement, and insurance.

An important part of building your plan is implementing the Envision® planning process which provides the data and insights to constructing your tailored investment portfolio.
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3. Implementation - Setting your plan on course

Setting your plan in motion includes implementing all aspects of your Financial Strategy Action Plan. This organized plan clearly identifies your balance sheet information, net worth, assets, liabilities, cash flow needs and retirement income model.

We also include coordinated strategies for your cash flow, estate and legacy, family security, and philanthropic strategies. Your investment plan identifies the selected investments and performance benchmarks so we can measure progress to your defined goals.

When we meet to discuss the implementation of your plan, we will provide you with a dedicated binder to house your Financial Strategy Action Plan.
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4. Review and Evaluation - Staying on track

Because investment planning is an ongoing process, we will work together to measure your progress and communicate with you to help keep your Envision plan on track.

As your circumstances change, or if you have a question or an financial opportunity you would like to discuss, we are always available to meet or talk with you on the phone as needed.