We recognize you place great trust in us to help manage your wealth.

Our deep moral convictions and Christian faith are intinsic to our commitment to client service - always working in the best interest of our clients is the center of our philosophy.

Individuals and Families

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We are dedicated to providing innovative, flexible financial solutions to families and individuals of substantial wealth. We develop customized solutions to help you plan, build, manage, preserve and transition your wealth by drawing on a team of specialists and the extensive resources of Wells Fargo Advisors.
Are you looking for assistance in creating a clear path to your retirement?

We help your family define and track progress toward your future while giving you the clarity and confidence to act decisively in the present.

How do your investment decisions align with your estate planning and charitable intentions?

We know aligning investment strategies with personal values and charitable priorities are important to many of today's investors. With our personalized approach, we get to know what matters to you and your family and determine your objectives and work to put the strategies in place to help you achieve your future visions and goals.

Do you have a wide range of complex issues that need to be addressed?

Wells Fargo Advisors comprehensive Envision® planning process helps us model outcomes for various scenarios assessing the financial impact of future decisions on your investment plan. The insight gained from Envision helps us identify the best strategies to put in place for you and your family. From start to finish, we will chart your overall financial course of action and oversee the execution of your integrated investment plan.